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        Willow Laland was born in 1973 in Santa Barbara, California. With the guidance of her artist parents, Maiygyne Laland, and Heyoka Merrifield, Willow began exhibiting her art at eleven years of age. Her art studies and private tutoring continued for many years, and since the mid-eighties,Willow has shown and sold works in acrylics, watercolor, graphite, pen & ink, etchings, and oils.Today, Willow has collectors throughout the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, England, Czech Republic, Holland, and Russia.

        In addition to her new collection of "Interpretive Works,” Willow is also painting Trompe L’oeil Still Life. With exacting detail, anatomy, and perspective, she pours hundreds of hours into their creation. "It is my goal with my Trompe L’oeil Still Life, to visually break the plane of the canvas with life-like compositions ... and have textures, reflections, and lighting appear real and believable”: Willow and her husband, Sig Yeilding, reside and work in Mendocino and Sonoma County, where they also have their winery, Yeilding Wine.



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