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Adrian Susnea Litman

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        Born in 1948, I started to learn about art at a very early age, playing with colors and art materials in my father's Art Design and Restoration studio. In 1963, I was accepted in the Fine Arts High School, N. Tonitza in Bucharest, Romania where I studied art techniques including drawing, painting, graphics, engraving, sculpture, fresco, mosaic and ceramics.

       After finishing the Fine Art High School, I attended the University of Bucharest Art Institute, graduating in 1974 with a Masters degree in Graphic Arts Design.

        Due to the fact that I refused the communist party membership and the content of my art did not include communist propaganda elements, my artistic career was put on hold until I left the country in 1980. Since 1980, after relocating to California, I worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area until 2002 when I retired from the corporate world and started Adrian Litman Architectural Art & Design Studio.