In 2004, I formed Job.Creation.Ventures, a partnership specializing in workforce development. This work involved consulting the IT, Private Security and Business Development Industries to expand their market share and secure public funds.

        Last, but not least, I am passionate about Cuban music and work at promoting my great Cuban musician cousins to spread their infectious Latin beat. Originating from that tiny island jewel, Cuba, to a world that is hungry for the next generation of artists that stand on the hefty shoulders of the great ones before them.

       My life is about facilitating an access to art - a sacred calling that brings joy and happiness into a world that can be harsh, dark and challenging.  Art reveals the magnificence of spirit residing in all things; the Universe is a hologram whose divine sparks cause the world to appear - the Divine is an artist! Art, music, dance and poetry transforms us.  Art opens the heart so love can flow and we can learn from it.


   De Perdomo Productions, LLC represents and coaches artists to excel in their professions. We  also promote art galleries, as well as design and develop venues to stage installations of artistic events.  De Perdomo provides management services and sales training. 

      In 2012, as Executive Producer, Roberto Gómez de Perdomo created the event,

"A Night in Havana" at the Raven Theater in Healdsburg, California, collaborating with the Museum of Latin American Art ( MOLAA) and Shiloh Sophia Gallery. This  featured Cuban quintet TradiSón from Havana, Cuba. They played traditional Cuban music from the 30's-60's era. Also featured  was music from the Buena Vista Social Club. A full documentary on the event and the creation of the concert will be completed in the near future.



      Representing Artists, Galleries and Artistic Events.

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Roberto Gómez de Perdomo says:

       I’m from the baby-boomer generation which translates to . . . having had several diverse careers. In my first career incarnation, I majored in music and opera at the Manhattan School of Music and took master classes at Julliard's School of Music. which led to performing at the Carnegie Hall Recital Hall. I trained as an actor at the Neighborhood Playhouse, and performed in Off-Off Broadway.

        My next incarnation, I worked on the War Against Poverty in New York City. I served as a special assistant under the Mayor’s Office to disadvantaged communities in New York. During my time in New York, as a management consultant, I helped businesses actualize their objectives. Through the years I served as a consultant to government agencies, launching several federal and state programs.   During the Reagan years, as public funds dried up, I became involved in the promotion of large corporate resort businesses around the United States and abroad.

        In the recent past, I returned full circle to service in the community, working as a director for two prominent non-profit charities in the Bay Area of Northern California. In 2001, I created Ovitechnologies, specializing in Marketing, Fund Development and Training.